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A graphic community dedicated to K-POP fangirling business, would contain mainly K-Pop graphics 8D

StrawMelon; KPOP Graphic Comm ♥

Introduction; Hi, and welcome to strawmelon, the graphic community of ayakabun. Here you can find graphics like icons, headers, wallpapers, maybe even layouts and such. Basically, they'd be based on KPOP fandom - i may include other stuffs like CPOP, Anime, Manga, JROCK or JPOP here and there randomly. I'm opened to all suggestions and whatsoever, drop me a comment/PM if you wanna see smth that isn't here! ^^


S/N; Please do comment on my batches and such cos' i'm still learning and improving, thus, feedbacks are really valuable to me and definitely critics are welcomed too. Do point out what i'm doing good or bad so i can learn and grow and produce better graphics and all ^^ Whatever it is, enjoy the graphics, thanks for visiting!~